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Bow Holder



I took a simple frame and spray painted it black.

Then I hot glued two different colored pink ribbons on the inner back edge of the frame and it looks like this:

I’ll either sell this one or give it to my niece considering I don’t have a daughter of my own to use it for.

I also made another Earring holder…This one is purple and is just too stinking cute:

Both of these projects cost under $1 to make. I had the black frame from a long time ago and just re-purposed it while the purple frame I bought at a garage sale and painted it with some purple spray paint. The jewelry, wire mesh, and ribbon were materials I already had on hand.

Gifts for the Ladies in your life…


I absolutely Love LOVE Love jewelry…especially earrings, the danglier the better. But I had a hard time finding a way to store them when they weren’t being worn. But thanks to Pinterest and a few blogs I have come across this fantastic way to organize and store my earrings.



Today I’ll show you how to make this lovely Earring Display with a cheap frame, wire mesh (or lace, burlap, ribbon…)


Cheap old or new Frame of any size.

A piece of wire mesh, lace, burlap, picture hanging wire…

Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks



To measure the wire mesh or material that you are using…I found it easier to just measure the inset of the frame where the glass would usually go and then measure and cut the material to match your measurements. It is ok to have a little extra…it can always be cut off later or glued down.

Once the material of choice has been cut you can run a line of hot glue down one edge of the frame where you will be placing the material, line up the material and press it down on the glue…Careful not to burn your fingers…Lord knows how many times I burned mine while doing this. Do this all the way around the frame, pulling it as tight as you can. When the material is glued down to the frame, you can glue a piece of ribbon over where the material is glued to the frame.

Add something to hang it on the wall if needed.


Teacher Gifts


Each year we always like to make something different and creative for our kids’ teachers. This year thanks to Pinterest and many different blogs that I came across, I found this adorable Crayon Monogram Art. This is a super cute Teacher gift or something to use as art in your child’s room. Print out your background with the teacher’s name, and create a monogram out of crayons, breaking them to get the right widths. Glue crayons on, pop in the frame, and you’re ready to go back to school! You can also substitute other school supplies such as colored pencils or regular #2 pencils.

First you’ll need a piece of cardstock, a template for your letter of choice, 2-3 boxes of crayons (depending on your letter and the size), a shadow box, hot glue gun, adhesive for the cardstock, a cutting board and a knife. Oh, have an old towel on hand, too.

I used my son’s writing tablet as the background for the crayons. 

Before you start, go ahead and stick your crayons in the freezer. I know this sounds crazy but I fully intend on trying this the next time because I heard it helps so so much!!

Print your letter out in your favorite font. Keep in mind the size of your shadow box and make sure your letter will fit inside. A simple block/basic font is the easiest. Cut your letter out and trace it lightly on your cardstock. I even went back and erased lots of my tracing so nothing would show up in my final project.

I took my template and just eyeballed the size of the crayon pieces I would need. Cut your crayons to your desired lengths and then hot glue in place.

To cut your crayons, you’ll want to take them out of the freezer and dump them on your workspace – (I’ll be trying this next year: Run your knife under the hot water for a few moments and dry off quickly and cut your crayon.) You will only have to saw back and forth a little bit before the crayon just pops in half. You’ll get a super clean cut this way. I however,  just cut each crayon with a regular knife  on the cutting board and there were pieces everywhere.

Once you have all your crayons glued down, go ahead and trim your cardstock to match the backing to the shadow box. I applied adhesive to the edges and through the middle of the backing and placed my finished cardstock on top. I wanted to write the teachers name but you could print it if you wanted on your cardstock first.

Next time I’m going to hopefully find a larger frame so I can make the letters look a lot better and less jumbled!