Hello Everyone! This page is here so you can find out a little bit about me and why I created this blog. I will also provide some contact information. 

My name is Heather and I am a single 26 year old single mother of a wonderful 7 year old little boy. I am a full time student one semester away from obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in English. With my degree I’d like to become a High School English Teacher. Lord knows we need more than a few good teachers these days.  I enjoy baking, photography, and crafts. PINTEREST is a crafter’s heaven and I get a lot of my ideas from there. I spend most of my time either in class or at my nephews’ high school sporting events.  My computer and facebook are overwhelmingly full of Pictures from every single basketball and baseball game I go to. So I guess I’m mostly a sports photographer even though I dabble in portrait and landscape photography when I have the time. I have always been into crafts and being creative. I do my best to make cute gifts over buying toys that easily break. I also enjoy baking. I bake all the time, for friends, for class parties for my son and myself, for birthday parties and family events.

Contact Information: 

Email: heatherscraftycorner@mail.com

Thanks and enjoy the site!

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