Fabric Flower Pom Pom Headband


I have ONE niece and a GAZILLION nephews…so when I discovered how to make these adorable headbands…my glue gun and needle and thread came out! I couldn’t resist myself and made a bunch of these adorable headbands. I found the Pom Pom Headband Tutorial here on the Little Miss Momma Blog. Here are some of the headbands that I made…I think they turned out pretty good. I Can’t Wait for my Little Annie to open her gift with all her new headbands!

This one is a Kelly Green Pom Pom Headband that I made her for when she comes to my Nephew’s basketball games. His School Colors are Green and White!!

Pale Yellow Pom Pom Headband.

What Little Girl doesn’t need a Pink Pom Pom Flower Headband?!

I Love the way this one turned out! It is a Navy Blue Pom Pom Flower!

Hot Pink…Because you just can’t have enough pink headbands!



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